>> Charline Jackson is a German Illustrator and Fashion Designer, aka WAVYSALTYHAPPY on Instagram. Coming initially out of fashion design, she has a great textile background and therewith a big love for patterns, fabrics and bold colors. With her sense for color combinations she is creating special moods as well as happy and intense feelings in illustration and design. 


Based in South Germany, Charline loves to travel and work with people from all around the globe. Due to her personal will to develop herself all the time, her favorite art topics include self-development, inner peace, feminism, equality, spirituality or just simply being at the beach and enjoy life. 


Charline loves to create lifestyle and fashion illustrations as well as dreamy and magical illustrations for kids.  Her focus lays on editorial illustrations, children's books and colorful textile prints  - but if you just need someone to hang out and paint a giant mural, be sure she will be all in as well.


Since 2020 Charline is a member of the German Illustratoren Organisation e.V. <<


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