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My experience with Body Shaming

Body Shaming and the movement against it became a big topic, especially on Social Media. This is a sensitive thing to talk about, and I feel the need to add my thoughts as well.

I am a naturally skinny and small girl, but that's what my momma gave me. She looks the same by the way, it is in my genes. I do some yoga and on good days I go running, but I am not the most sportive girl - and I always feel the pressure to tell this to people if they ask about my figure, because somehow I feel the need to make them feel better, if you know what I mean. I heard all of my life "Oh, she's thin anyways," "You can wear what you want, right?" "You are eating so much, but you don't have to worry, you are always skinny anyways" And so on. You would think, oh, so many nice words, what's your problem, Charly? But you know what, it is not a good feeling if people always look at you and either always see something hot in you or it makes them feel depressed somehow. It always makes me degrade myself to make them feel better, finding words that make everyone feel better around me but myself. I always try to wear not too skinny clothing, wear wide shorts, don't wear too much butt sculpting leggings, because I always just feel observed. That sucks. And it is the same feeling that people with more on their hips go through. And trust me, I am the first one to tell you you look gorgeous no matter how your body looks like, because I mean it. I don't care how your shape is, or if you are IN shape. But I would sometimes wish that people would understand that being skinny can be pretty annoying as well. Not because it is a problem for me, but because some people make it a problem for me. Maybe this is our culture here, I don't know, I experienced more body freedom and a better feeling for myself in the US and in Thailand... But I am very happy about all the campaigns against Body Shaming and I really appreciate everyone that is just being him/herself and let their light shine, no matter in which body he/she is. Amen.


Did you have a body shaming moment in your life? I am quite sure that nearly everyone has those moments in life when we become so insecure and feel bad about the body we live in. Please tell me a bit more about it, and then - celebrate your body in which you live in!!

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