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Becoming a Digital Nomad - or Nomadic Illustrator

I think it was in early 2019 when I first read online about the Digital Nomad lifestyle - quite late some of you might say. But yeah, I was working in a "normal" job in a "normal" office, commuting every day one hour to the office and one hour back home. Wow, if you actually calculate the time I passed in the car these years, it's crazy and not really conscious. But by the time back then I was happy about this job, because I was searching for one after graduating for way too much time. So i was driving.

Sitting in the car I had a lot of time to think. Think about the lifestyle I started to read about in blogs and on homepages of interesting and open minded people. So i bought books, one after another, followed those interesting people with their interesting lifestyle on Instagram, thinking about how to become one of them. Because actually the moment I read the first time about this way of life, I was sure that this is my path. I could never explain to anyone what I was searching, but I could tell that I always loved the freedom while travelling. The feeling that filled my body and soul when I was on the road, the excitement while arriving at a new place, meeting new souls, learning about other cultures.

And work. People always say "Hey Charly, this is just because you are on vacation". Honestly, yes, of course, vacation is great. But knowing that you can stay wherever you want to be in this moment and opening your laptop, getting into the flow and just get work done - i love that. I love the thought of sitting in some co-working space full of motivated and hard working people around me (or the ones that just chill) and get things going.

I love to travel and I am eager to learn new stuff and get insights into other people's lives. The thought of getting to know other cultures and collect pieces of the whole big picture about the world, our world, motivates me so much. Thinking about taking my iPad and scribbling everything that inspires me on these adventures makes me excited and fills me with so much love that I want to pack my bags like right now.

Yeah, my iPad. Gosh, where would I be if I didn't make the decision in the beginning of 2020 to buy myself an iPad Pro. I had some surgery on my foot and was resting all day in bed for some months. It was hard to lay still and I was feeling a little bit depressed and somehow on a Saturday I saw some ad for the iPad and I knew I had to add this to my life (well, such a good marketing :D). So actually I mobilised my boyfriend and we went to the store right before it closed to get my iPad. Of course I was still walking with crutches, but the excitement got me feeling very happy.

The iPad changed so much for me. Sure I needed to learn so much and of course there is still so much to learn about the programs and tools, but boyyyy was I freaking out about all the possibilities this little tech gadget was offering to me. It was not much later when I felt inspired to create WAVYSALTYHAPPY and planned to become a professional and independent, nomadic Illustrator.

What I want to tell you with all of my words, I knew directly that this lifestyle is for me. I knew it right from the start when I read about it. Some like the nomadic lifestyle and some really don't, but that's okay, because we all are searching for our own way to go through this life with a smile on our face. I will definitely try my journey on this path and see where it will lead me. :)


Is the nomadic lifestyle your calling or do you prefer a more stable life for yourself? Please tell me more about you in the comments, because I really like to know about how every single person finds their own path and passion on their journey ...

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